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Aaron is a Marine Corps Special Operations veteran with multiple combat deployments. During his enlistment, Aaron had the opportunity to learn Krav Maga from the source while working on Special Unit Weapons and Tactics with Israel’s elite “Red Unit”, their Special Forces unit. Aaron has been an active student and instructor of Krav Maga for the past 8 years and has also served as an instructor for MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program), and SOCP (Special Operations Combatives program). He also teaches edged weapons and firearms retention.

Josh developed a great deal of experience in heavy weapons and small arms including machine guns, rifles, shotguns, as well as various specialty weapons While serving as a combat infantryman. Highly experienced in room entry, building clearing, surveillance, dynamic team movements, and hand to hand combat in real world situations. Having trained at Ft. Benning, GA, Ft. Hood, TX, Camp Behring, Kuwait, and FOB Paliwoda, Iraq, he has extensive experience in security options in both civilian and military operations. As our weapons and team specialist, Josh brings invaluable experience to each client training under his direction.

Josh Bobcean

Urban Rifle Instructor

Scot is an life long shooter, avid sportsman, and enjoys volunteering his time with his local church. He has completed numerous advanced training courses including team entry, force on force, and weapons retention. He has worked as an executive escort and has meet current M.E.L.O.T.C. certification requirements for uniformed law enforcement personnel. He has extensive experience in security enforcement for large Metro Detroit institutions and is currently acting as a security consultant for a large Christian community church.Type your paragraph here.

Meet Our Team

Brian has been a leading expert in small arms tactics, techniques, and equipment for over three decades within the firearms industry. He is a Certified Instructor in Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, Sub-machine Gun, Home Defense, Taser, and advanced home defense techniques. Brian has actively trained at many of the nation’s leading firearms facilities including; Thunder Ranch, Gunsight, and LFI under the instruction of Massad Ayoob. He holds Black Belts in the martial art forms of Aikido and Tang Soo Do, having studied for 42 years and is a current practitioner of the Israeli fighting method of Krav Maga. Over the last 35 years he has continuously shared this knowledge during his training courses with thousands of corporate, law enforcement, and civilian individuals throughout Southeastern Michigan. His experience covers a wide range of curriculum from basic fundamentals up to advanced personal defense tactics. His skill set incorporates Pepper Spray, hand to hand combat, edged weapons, tasers, handguns, carbines, shotguns, and submachine gunsType your paragraph here.

Aaron Hoke

Combatives / Krav Maga Instructor

Scot Janes

Corporate / Security Division Director

Brian M. Turo

President / CEO Lead Instructor