Safety Enterprises LLC

Safety Enterprises LLC
is now offering classes in;

CPL, Personal Protection, Edged Weapons, Taser, Long Range Rifle, Urban Rifle, Advanced Concealed Carry and many more.

(On line registration and payment is required for all courses listed below. Go to our "Contact US"
page to register and pay via Credit Card)

Safety Enterprises LLC
is now offering classes in;


We are authorized instructors in the use of
Model M26c, X26c and C2 Electronic Control devises.

(Training Courses are available to meet Michigan's Taser law)

Combat Handgun

Urban Rifle/ Shotgun

Basics of Self Defense

Skeet / Trap

Sporting Clays

Basics of I.P.S.C Shooting

Edged Weapons

Pepper Spray


Check out our new friends in Macomb Township
Silent Scope Firearms
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For more info contact us 
(586) 612-8090

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