To train, educate, empower and prepare our students to defend themselves and their loved ones.

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Safety Enterprises LLC has successfully taught hundreds of thousands of private citizens, corporate executives, public figures, law enforcement officials and military personnel in proper use of, techniques, methods, and equipment functions as best suited for their needs. Safety Enterprises LLC tailors it's training based on our client's needs and demands. Let our certified, nationally recognized, highly experienced instructors help you feel more secure in your everyday life.

Check us out on  FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM  to see hundreds of our students who have been taught how to shoot...REALLY how to shoot by our instructors. We pride ourselves on developing our students abilities in marksmanship skills. We guarantee we will make you the best pistol shot you have ever been....hands down! Forget the rest, come train with the best!

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Celebrating our 37th year as a Professional Firearms Instructor Group!

Dedicated training professionals, who care about our students ability to defend themselves and their loved ones. We have spent our lifetimes dedicated to our craft. We owe it to our students and their families to provide them with very best training available in the area. Our students learn proven techniques that are vitally necessary to surviving a violent encounter. Marksmanship skills,  situational awareness, firearms handling skills and much more. We specialize in "In home" or corporate courses conducted at your location.

We will come to you!

Michigan's Premier Civilian Firearm's Training and Consulting Group.

N.R.A. Certified Instructors

"Forget the rest...come train with the best!"